The images to the left and right of this text represent major successes for Obama and his Democrat/Communist co-conspirators both in Congress and around the world.  That's right!  I said successes!  To understand the who, what, when, where, why and how of the Obama/Progressive Agenda please watch the following 10-minute video clip, sourced in part by a best-selling author who would probably be Obama's top Czar had he not had his own epiphany in 1974:  The End of America...The Cloward-Piven Strategy.  This video was uploaded in June of 2009.  Not only has everything mentioned in this clip come to pass; you will see that the non-citizen, Muslim terrorist in the White House has exceeded all expectations in his quest to transform America into a 3rd-world Communist dictatorship, resulting in loss of freedom and abject poverty for the masses and absolute power and control for their rulers.
Detroit is a microcosm of what will inevitably happen nationwide if Obama's Democrat/Communist Party remains in power. 'Every Major City Which Is A Poverty Center" is run by Democrats. The 'Planned Destruction of America' is not possible without the creation of a large impoverished underclass dependent on their Democrat/Communist enslaves for subsistence.  As a 'community organizer' Obama's main accomplishments were increasing the welfare rolls, promoting and defending voter fraud, and facilitating the Subprime crisis.  Obama's major SUCCESSES as President include increasing the National Debt by $7 trillion; insuring unlimited  welfare growth by suspending the Welfare to Work requirement; granting amnesty to current illegals and opening our borders to everyone to guarantee our economy collapses as a result of unsustainable entitlements.   It is at this point, as it is in all totalitarian regimes, that the non-citizen Muslim terrorist in the White House will unveil his 'Civilian Security Force', stronger and more powerful than the military to crush any resistance on the part of a once free people forced into bondage. 

Since the late 60's, the single-minded goal of the Democrat/Communist Party in America has been to destroy free-market capitalism and replace it with the hammer & sickle of communism.  Establishing a Communist regime, in which all individual freedoms are relinquished to the government, is not possible in a society with a prominent middle-class and thriving working class.  The middle class must be destroyed either by killing them outright, imposing regulations that make it impossible to start businesses, or confiscating their income through taxation under the pretense of Income Inequality.  The masses must be rendered helpless and dependent on the government for survival - de facto slaves.  All Democrat/Communist polices, legislation, rules and regulations have been INTENTIONALLY designed to increase dependency while at the same time being promoted 24/7 as necessary for the benefit of the underprivileged.    The non-citizen, Marxist, Muslim terrorist in the White House and his co-conspirators have fast-tracked the Progressive/Communist Agenda by circumventing Congress and enacting legislation that will insure overwhelming increases in welfare, food stamp and unemployment rolls while proclaiming that the capitalist system they have intentionally destroyed does not work.  Only then will a panicked population submit to giving up their Constitutional freedoms without a fight.  This is the 'hope and change' the psychopath in the White House was referring to.  'Hope and Change' for Obama and the ruling elite and 'hopelessness and despair' for the rest of us.  To learn how this 'transformation' was accomplished.....  Finally, watch and listen to this quiet, 2-minute plea from Marco Rubio who either doesn't understand or is reluctant to say that the the FAILURE of the so-called 'War On Poverty' is one of Obama's greatest achievements.   

The PROGRESSIVE AGENDA represents 5 decades of infiltration, indoctrination and control of virtually every institution in our society on a national and local level.  Because Democrat/Communist politicians and their co-conspirators control 90% of the media, they are able to lie, cheat, steal, kill and deny basic freedoms to American Citizens without suffering the consequences.  One of their most effective tactics is to relentlessly "accuse the opposition (Conservatives) of committing evil deeds that they (the Democrats) are in fact guilty of.  For more detailed examples of Progressive lies, hoaxes and more visit  THEDAYAMERICADIED.ORG.  Once Obamacare, amnesty for illegals, gun control and gun confiscation are fully implemented; the dream of the non-citizen, Muslim terrorist in the White House to destroy the greatest country on earth will become OUR nightmare.             
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